Revamp Consulting has released CallRecall, Enterprise Mobile Call Intelligence solution.

  • Enables retention of corporate mobile conversations with contextual tags
  • Provides across the enterprise availability (desktop and mobile) for enhanced collabaration

CallRecall enables a quantum jump in productivity for the Sales and Suppot functions in an Enterprise.

Revamp Consulting, as a technology partner to Vector Consulting, has developed enterprise solutions for Theory of Constraints (TOC) implementation. 

  • VectorPro: Client server, role based solution for Critical Chain Project Management in single & multi-project environment in TOC implementations.

  • VectorFlow: Client server, role based solution for managing raw material, production and distribution management using Theory of Constraints. It can manage made-to-order, made-to-stock and a combination environment.

VectorPRO and VectorFLOW products are owned by Vector Consulting Group.

Revamp Consulting proudly serves premier enterprise customers in India and SouthEast Asia including companies from the TATA group, Godrej group, JK (Raymond) group.